The Perfect Practice Environment

Do you know golfers that practice and practice and never get better? That used to be me. I hit hundreds of balls every day yet I never seemed to have more birdie putts. I wasn’t practicing in a way that would improve my golf swing and I wasn't getting the proper feedback. I was practicing bad habits and getting worse. I watched video after video and tried every drill in order to hit the ball better. It didn't make sense to me that I wasn't getting better with all the balls I was hitting. One day I heard a person say human beings naturally adapt to their physical environment. That was why I wasn't getting better I wasn't hitting balls in an environment that would let my innate capacity shape my golf swing. That was the birth of The Groove Impact, the perfect environment to practice. Now every practice swing takes me closer to the same impact position reached by professionals. My index dropped to 3.8 from 6.4. in about 4 months. What is much more rewarding to me is I haven't changed my swing thought once this season. It's all because I am now practicing the right things.

No matter your ability if you put in the work in the proper environment your ball striking and confidence will improve faster than you imagine.

H. Craig Plantz

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