I started playing golf when I was about 25 years old. Over time, I started to get pretty proficient and one day the inevitable happened – I shanked the ball. I was around 30 years old at this point and had never experienced such an ugly feeling when hitting a golf ball. I was trying to strike the ball on the center of the club face and I couldn’t do it. This is one of the most frustrating feelings I have ever felt. I started trying things like changing my setup and grip. I was able to play a round by aiming 3 inches inside the ball where I used to take my practice swings before this infection arrived.  You read that right, I had to aim to miss the ball in order to hit the ball toward the target! My distance was severely impaired and the ball flight was way too high – but I could play golf. I would hit hundreds of balls trying to get back to where I could play a round without thinking about the golf swing every time I attempted to hit a ball. I was miserable and golf wasn’t fun like it used to be.

Time To Get Help For My Golf Swing

So, I figured out a few drills that would help me to get rid of the hosel rockets so I could play. But, like clockwork, every season about 6 weeks in they were back. I took lessons, Derek Cordova, Jeff Ulvedal, and Stan Fenn all helped me when they struck. I bought swing training devices and hit thousands of balls but once they reared their ugly head I would fight them the rest of the season.

Rock Bottom

One year not so long ago during the club championship it was so bad I would hit driver which was a big pull I could manage then I would bunt a hybrid until I could putt or chip. Sounds fun doesn’t it, not.

The Idea

In December of 2016 I heard one of the many video instructors I follow say “Human beings naturally adapt to their physical environment”.  Ding Ding Ding! That is what I needed, a physical environment that will force me to adapt to good golf swing.  By February we had the first prototype and begin hitting balls in my garage.

The Final Prototype

The final prototype was complete in April and the Groove Impact was born. I began using it everyday at home. At the start of the season my distances were correct and my aim was true. I completely eliminated the right side of the golf course and most importantly and I started to shoot lower scores. My handicap dropped from a 7 to 3.8 in just 4 months, you can look that up on GHIN. Most important I haven’t shanked a ball and my distance has returned.

The Best Golf of My Life

At 54 years old I am playing the best golf of my life thanks to this invention. To be honest it isn’t easy you have to get used to the tool and use it on a regular basis. But if you put in the effort it will pay off.

I sincerely hope you can use the Groove Impact to find, fix,  and repeat your best golf swing. Give us a try today and be sure and check out our selection of videos for training information and swing tips.

H. Craig Plantz – Groove Impact Inventor