Welcome to Groove Impact, the revolutionary new way to improve your golf swing. If you are a golfer that struggles on the course day in and day out without improvement, you are not alone. That is what makes golf such a beautiful game, the fact that there will always be room for improvement. One would not think that the act of hitting a little ball with a stick could create so much passion – and so much frustration. At Groove Impact, we have developed a system to intuitively create the golf swing that you have always dreamed of.

How do we do it you may ask? We use the power of feedback in order to correct issues that you may have with your golf swing. As you know, the key to correcting any problem, whether it is in your golf game or your personal life, is identifying that there is a problem. When that problem is successfully recognized, only then can you make steps towards rectifying that problem. Of course, what is correction without feedback? Correction without feedback is a guaranteed way to repeat the initial problem. So what is it that Groove Impact can do to improve your swing? The concept is simple. Groove Impact works through feedback and your intuitive instinct to adapt to that feedback.

For example, let’s say that you are a serial hook artist off of the tee, you have tried everything to correct it and nothing seems to help. Chances are, your club path is off at impact, no matter how many times you have tried to correct this problem it seems to keep returning. Without crazy expensive swing trainers, videos, and coaches it is nearly impossible to judge the club path on your own, that is until Groove Impact. With Groove Impact, you will instantly know when your swing is off path and can correct the very next swing, without the hassle of watching a video or having someone guess at what they saw.

The best part of the Groove Impact system? The portability. You can take it to the range, set it up in your backyard, you can even take it on the course with you. No need to purchase specialized clubs or complicated swing evaluators, take Groove Impact wherever you want!

We know you will find that the Groove Impact system by far offers the perfect environment to practice your swing. They say environment is a deciding factor for change and when you practice with Groove Impact you are setting up the building blocks of a professional looking swing. Of course, nothing that is worth having comes easy and training with the Groove Impact will teach you to perfect that impact position with every swing. If you are interested in the Groove Impact system and seeing just how far you can take your swing, contact us today or check out our videos for free swing tips. We look forward to working with you and remember that great golfers have one thing in common – impact position.